accses cammera

  1. last year

    i trying accses phone camera on my html page, i use syntax <input type="file" accept="image/*" capture>.
    when i run on my phone browser it's work...but when i run on apk its not work. please help

  2. Hi Alex, Good question same problem here. I think you didn't try in all devices. Try in SAMSUNG it will works. They will send you its screen shot and close the ticket but they never ask you in which mobile you have tested like OPPO or MI and etc. Finally I want to say this camera permission is not working all android devices i.e the problem that they never tell us. Bad service Alex, that's way they don't come in live chat if they come to live chat customers will keep scold them. There is one comedy issue here, It is worked in their old versions but not latest one. We can't work with old versions without upgrade their software and they can't integrate into latest one.

  4. I tried as per above URL. But it is not worked in major mobiles like MI and OPPO.


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