Coming Features Upgrade?

  1. last year

    Hi Admin,

    can we know what is the next feature upgrade for coming version?

    Or we can add list of request here. so we can know between user here what they need.

    Thanks admin :)

  2. admin

    13 Jun 2021 Administrator

    Sure, suggestions are always welcome, you can list the suggestions here.

  3. Thanks admin,

    I list it here. Other members can added comment below.

    My proposal is:

    1. Have all the image gallery can be share through whatsapp, facebook manager, telegram, etc.
    2. Have option to choose either ADMOB, FAN or ads
  4. @admin , how to generate .aab file (Android App Bundle) since google play force us to upgrade to .aab file?

  5. admin

    3 Jul 2021 Administrator
    Edited last year by admin

    @dev999 .aab feature is a must upgrade, so it will be there in a few days, we are already done with it, we are testing it finally before rolling it out.

  6. We already have a general option to prevent screen shots from our apps. Can we turn it on or off using the JS API, so that we could just block some pages inside our project and not all pages?

  7. admin

    8 Aug 2021 Administrator

    @JOHNNY inside That is a great suggestion, we will discuss it for coming versions.


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