1. last year

    Hey Guys

    so i been trying to upload as a app bundle
    but the software keeps closing cause i guess it timesout
    i changed my isp so my upload speed as at least 15mps
    and my file is about 40 megs
    but it still keeps failing
    i have tried a smaller file and it works
    is there anyway i can extened the timeout
    or is the a fix to help with this or an update on the software to help

    thanks really love the software

  2. But the software does the compilation locally, no internet speed required.
    What must be happening is that if you are using "Local HTML Website" mode then you are using a very large file and your computer does not have enough memory to work with very large files.

    If you tell the API you're using in your code or show a screenshot of the files you're trying to compile, there might be a solution.


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