Hide Admob on Selected Pages

  1. 5 years ago

    Is there a way or specific api that can be used to hide admob ads on selected/specific page(s)

  2. admin

    3 Jun 2017 Administrator
    Edited 5 years ago by admin

    @amosb , Unfortunately Not. We need to maintain the App development standards. Sometimes over customization may also become an issue. However, it can be added. We will be discussing about it's aspects.

  3. I think my question is related to this conversation , so I post here.

    I have a HTML game, i want to show interstitial ad only when a level is completed. Not using timer. Is there any specific API?

    It is must in the case of buy Website2apk software.
    Because we also need to monetize the app, so the app creation software is worth buying...

  4. admin

    7 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @Jayaprakash , This is really a considerable feature. I have noted it on our checklist for the upcoming edition. We will be adding some APIs to perform certain specific actions.

  5. Great!

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