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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Aug 21 14:32:04 2023

    Our software is already up to date with API Level 33 for a long time. We did the things before time so that none of users would stuck on the deadline.

    All the apps built with our latest version of software v5.2 are on target API Level 33.

    You need to do nothing additional for API Level 33, just update your app on google play as you do usually, the same steps will work as you do for regular update. No changes in your code are required. You only need to re-build your app with latest version and submit the app update.

    Further, our support is always there assist in case you need more help.

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 9 14:02:45 2023

    You can use JS APIs to call the ads on certain actions by using showInterstitialAd() function as mentioned on link below:

  3. Tue Aug 8 07:35:14 2023

    Performance is not impacted by any of these three. These are just the changes to the browser configuration to match the rendering requirements of your websites and the detection of browser user agents.

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 3 07:33:28 2023

    We DO NOT have any capping on number of builds per day or number of apps and as our subscriptions plans are annually priced, even building a few apps in whole of the year will cover up all the pricing. You won't ever see any other product that will be as affordable as ours with genuine pricing. Development and server associated costs we pay hence we require this fairly put pricing to be there. Honestly, we should not be justifying this, but as you are a valued customer, we appreciate your support and request your understanding.

  5. Tue Aug 1 18:06:04 2023

    It does not work that way. Even if you had 364 days remaining, still you would only pay $59.

    If you want to get one year extension with upgrade, unfortunately, you would like to bypass renewal and get a cheaper alternative for renewal with a higher plan that too for just $59, which cannot even cover up half of our costs.

  6. Tue Aug 1 02:45:46 2023

    It will only expire as your old/existing expiration date when you just upgrade the plan.

  7. Sun Jul 30 19:25:28 2023
    admin posted in Error in running the app.

    Since this is an issue on your web part, you can fix the issue by debugging:

  8. Sun Jul 30 19:24:49 2023

    Along with above features, there are some more:
    In-App Messaging
    Blob Download Issue Fixed!

  9. Sun Jul 30 19:23:56 2023

    Thanks for your feedback!

    1. You need not to pay the full price, but just the upgrade fee on link below:
    2. Any APK works on Android TV, but there was some configuration required in the code so that your app will be available when someone searches on Google Play with a Android TV device, your app will be visible and can be installed.

  10. Sat Jul 29 16:48:46 2023
    admin posted in Suggestions for Update v5.2.

    We have added Firebase In-App messaging feature already.

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