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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 25 16:53:12 2022

    Unfortunately that cannot be changed. But you can disable the toolbar itself.

  2. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 21 14:21:56 2022
    admin posted in How to setup Google Login.

    Here is a link about facebook issue:

    It has been deprecated as of now, which is after the release of v5.0

  3. Sat Mar 19 13:39:28 2022
    admin posted in Firebase vs PushAdmin.

    You can use either of two. PushAdmin comes with some extra features and API Access.

  4. 2 months ago
    Tue Mar 8 18:33:01 2022

    Image is not visible, kindly put a valid link so that we can clarify.

  5. 3 months ago
    Wed Feb 2 16:43:18 2022
    admin posted in apk issue.

  6. Fri Jan 21 17:50:26 2022
    admin posted in android 11, not working?.

    Yes, apps do work on Android 11 as well.
    Connect support and they will assist you for your particular issue:

  7. 4 months ago
    Tue Jan 4 14:26:25 2022
    admin posted in HELP, connection api.

    You don't need to use any kind of auth, but both of the headers only.

  8. Wed Dec 22 08:38:56 2021

    Such issues are only seen rarely due to network/ssl related issues. You can try changing network and it will resolve. However, we will be applying fixes so that such issue don't occur anymore.

  9. Sun Dec 19 04:52:58 2021

    Connect support:

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