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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 7 13:14:54 2024
    1. Make sure you're using a copy downloaded from our website only.
    2. Sometimes using VPN can cause such issues.
    3. If above does not works, try switching to some another network provider.
  2. Wed Feb 7 13:12:28 2024

    This is because when you are using Free Edition, you cannot change package name, and apps with same package name are considered as an update to the existing.

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 2 12:31:33 2024
    admin started the conversation Update v5.3 Rollout.

    We are excited to announce that latest release v5.3 is now out and available for our valuable users.

    The latest Website 2 APK Builder v5.3 comes with many updates and fixes!

    Latest API Level
    Compatible with Android 14.
    Promised API Level 34 OTA Update
    Added Specific Permissions for Android 13+
    Bug fixes and optimizations

    Your feedback on this will be highly appreciated!

  4. Fri Feb 2 05:14:04 2024

    This issue is already fixed with latest version. Kindly use our latest version v5.3 and it will all work..

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Jan 20 15:05:05 2024
    admin posted in Any sample website apk ?.

    Posting any spam links will always result in deletion of your post/comment.

  6. Fri Jan 19 01:19:48 2024

    Kindly connect support:

  7. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 10 14:13:20 2024
    admin posted in File Size.

    This does not seems to be normal when you build using online web url.

    You can further connect our support for better assistance:

  8. 2 months ago
    Sat Dec 23 14:03:42 2023

    As free edition, does not allow you to change the package name, all the apps are build using same package name and hence they overwrite the existing app on your device. Once you get premium, you will be able to change package name allowing you to keep multiple apps installed at the same time.

  9. Mon Dec 18 13:31:14 2023

    Are you sure if your selected folder contains index.html ?

  10. Mon Nov 27 17:39:39 2023

    Kindly reach out to our support:

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