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  1. last week
    Fri Nov 25 08:11:47 2022
    admin posted in Manifest app.

    All the apps created are as per the current accepted requirements of API Level 31.

  2. Tue Nov 22 03:47:19 2022
    admin posted in Interstital Ads.

    Yes! Sure. But we recommend that you use JS API to show ads at whatever event you want to show.

  3. Mon Nov 21 02:24:38 2022
    admin posted in Interstital Ads.

    Actually the Interstitial ad will be shown on selecting "Show Ad on App Launch"

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 18 16:51:20 2022

    You can surely download files with all the apps created using our software. Make sure to allow STORAGE permissions to save files.

    If file links are from another domain, you should allow external URLs, else it will open in external browser.

  5. Fri Nov 18 09:57:29 2022
    admin posted in Stop app in the background.

    It should usually stop playing anything when you close the app, can you please provide us with your APK so that we can test.

    Kindly attach APK to us on the link below:

  6. Sun Nov 13 11:54:14 2022
    admin posted in ERROR IN 5.1.

    Kindly raise a support ticket:

  7. Sun Nov 13 11:53:24 2022
    admin posted in Apps ready Google Play?.

    Yes, All the apps created are fully google play compatible and suitable for publishing.

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 10 08:04:03 2022
    admin posted in Sound button display issue.

    You need to debug your app to find the exact issue:

  9. Tue Nov 8 05:42:18 2022
    admin posted in Google Play Support.

    There will no problem at all. Apps created are fully compatible with google play.

  10. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 28 04:16:41 2022
    admin posted in Firebase analytics and SDK.

    Not at the moment. We do only have Firebase push notifications support.

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