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    Sat May 1 21:15:04 2021
    D Dhetex started the conversation Camera option not showing up in Android version 10.

    My app not working well on android version 10 and above. The camera is not coming up when click, instead, it takes me to the camera folder. But with android 9, it works perfectly. Any way out of this pls?

  2. Sat May 1 21:07:08 2021
    D Dhetex started the conversation Offline and Online App.

    I want the app to work offline and online. That is, all work done offline should be uploaded to the database immediately the app is online.

  3. Sat May 1 20:45:17 2021
    D Dhetex posted in I need a programer .

    If you still need a programmer for the problem above. Kindly contact me via my email address: [email protected]

  4. Sat May 1 20:41:52 2021
    D Dhetex joined the forum.