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    Sat Jul 3 14:32:12 2021
    D dev999 posted in Coming Features Upgrade?.

    @admin , how to generate .aab file (Android App Bundle) since google play force us to upgrade to .aab file?

  2. Sun Jun 20 04:53:39 2021
    D dev999 posted in Basic Authentication Support.

    @masserman , what type of app we can create by using Basic Authentication ?

    I am sorry. i am not familiar with coding :)

  3. Sun Jun 20 04:51:48 2021
    D dev999 posted in Coming Features Upgrade?.

    Thanks admin,

    I list it here. Other members can added comment below.

    My proposal is:

    1. Have all the image gallery can be share through whatsapp, facebook manager, telegram, etc.
    2. Have option to choose either ADMOB, FAN or Start.io ads
  4. Sun Jun 13 09:08:12 2021
    D dev999 posted in Coming Features Upgrade?.

    Hi Admin,

    can we know what is the next feature upgrade for coming version?

    Or we can add list of request here. so we can know between user here what they need.

    Thanks admin :)

  5. Sat May 22 05:48:36 2021
    D dev999 started the conversation API Level 30.

    I just received notification form Google Play Developer team that we need to update for API Level 30 (Android 11) for below circumstance:

    1. New App : By August 2021 need to use API 30 when upload to platform
    2. Old app that update apk : By November 2021 need to use API 30 when update app to platform

    the notification for reference as per below

    that above are just reminder to update our app with new API before November 2021

  6. 4 years ago
    Tue May 22 00:39:07 2018
    D dev999 posted in Text in Welcome Splash Screen.

    HI Admin, what size of icon and splashchreen suitable to use?

  7. Mon Feb 12 14:05:49 2018
    D dev999 joined the forum.