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  1. last year
    Mon Mar 6 03:32:57 2023

    How can I download the updated software? In your website it's still showing 5.1 only.

  2. Sat Feb 11 14:59:11 2023
    impurnendu started the conversation Delayed solution.

    I paid for the software, it's not a free software where we should expect long delay to fixing a bug!
    The developer is aware about the issue that "desktop mode is working", and fixing this little bug, they already took 1 month, but still now not fixed yet!!!

  3. Sun Jan 8 16:37:14 2023
    impurnendu posted in Push Admin WordPress plugin.

    Hello admina????

  4. Fri Dec 30 14:30:41 2022
    impurnendu started the conversation Push Admin WordPress plugin.

    Hi Admin, when will you publish your upcoming wordpress plugin for push admin???

  5. Thu Sep 8 05:04:02 2022
    impurnendu started the conversation Keystore password issue.

    While creating keystore asboer instructed on your website, the keytool is not asking to create a password.
    (alias password is entered)

    While connecting the keystore to your app builder software, the password is necessary. How to set up the password???

  6. 2 years ago
    Thu Jul 14 19:09:09 2022
    impurnendu started the conversation Social Login.

    Hi devs, we all know that webview login is now past. Please do something to enable social login as native apps.

  7. Mon Mar 21 04:25:18 2022
    impurnendu posted in How to setup Google Login.

    Consulted with support team

  8. Mon Mar 21 04:23:52 2022
    impurnendu posted in Firebase vs PushAdmin.

    Thanks admin

  9. Wed Mar 16 06:12:07 2022
    impurnendu started the conversation How to setup Google Login.

    In "App Features list", I check that Google & Facebook login is available! But Facebook & Google don't allow webview app to login. Is there any other bypass way to do that???

  10. Wed Mar 16 05:35:31 2022
    impurnendu started the conversation Firebase vs PushAdmin.

    Can somebody demonstrate the feature difference between Firebase & PushAdmin??
    What should I use???

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