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    Fri Dec 17 12:34:33 2021
    M msaroid posted in hash navigation problem.

    in website 2 apk builder v3.0 there was an option 'exit mode' and if I disable 'double press back' it solves the problem. but now in version 5 this option is not available. I dont know maybe it caused bugs so you removed this option, but if possible turn this feature on in next version; thank you for your answer

  2. Sat Dec 11 10:42:30 2021
    M msaroid started the conversation Detect dark mode.

    It can be usefull if the web viewer detect system dark or light mode like browsers' css media : @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}

  3. Sat Dec 11 10:29:31 2021
    M msaroid started the conversation hash navigation problem.

    I'm using hash to navigate in my app but there's a problem, when user double tap on back button on android device it will completely close app. is there any way to prevent that?

  4. Sat Dec 11 10:20:20 2021
    M msaroid joined the forum.