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    Wed Oct 11 10:15:24 2017
    M max started the conversation Push notification whilst in app.

    Hi there,

    Can i trigger a push notification whilst in the app.

    for example if the their data finished loading can the user receive a push notification to say finished loading data??

  2. Fri Oct 6 14:03:34 2017

    brilliant! thank you :)

  3. Mon Oct 2 14:43:30 2017
    M max started the conversation Website2APK.exitApp(); only hides it.

    Hi there,

    I'm using the Website2APK.exitApp(); to exit my app - it prompts me: "Are you sure to exit" I click yes and all it does is hide the app in the background it doesnt actually end the app processess.

    I've tried this on 5 of my other devices - same result

    Also "Are you sure to exit" isnt the best of english.

    Kindesr regards

  4. Sun Aug 13 17:22:49 2017

    Is there any update on this?, i too would like to make it go back to a previous .html

  5. Thu Aug 10 10:17:32 2017
    M max started the conversation In App Purchases / Subscriptions?.

    is it possible to do in-app purchases? or is this purely a native feature?

  6. Fri Jul 14 15:35:00 2017
    M max started the conversation Change Status Bar Colour.

    Is it possible to change the colour of the status bar above the app so I can match with my app colour?

  7. Mon Jul 10 20:54:03 2017

    Apologies, It does work once uploaded to the App store. I was just testing a apk version directly on my phone rather than using the app store version.

  8. Mon Jul 10 09:02:12 2017
    M max started the conversation Website2APK.rateUs(); doesnt work.

    Hi there,

    I've uploaded my app to the Google Playstore and is now available to the public. I've created an onclick event which should take users to my app page using your Website2APK.rateUs(); but it takes me to a blank google playstore page and says: item not found. Retry

  9. Wed Jul 5 18:44:04 2017
    M max started the conversation Download & Save a File in App Itself.

    Hi there,

    So i have a link on my website that points to a attachment e.g:

    When i click the link within the app it takes me to the external browser to download it, is it not possible for it to be downloaded within the app and save to storage?

    is there a special command?

  10. 7 years ago
    Wed Nov 23 11:02:38 2016
    M max posted in Fixes for Update v2.3.

    When will 2.3 be released? as I'm really looking forward to it!

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