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  1. 6 days ago
    Tue Aug 2 10:55:02 2022

    Regarding New Requirement for Updating to API Level 33 for Android 13 Targeting!

    Hi, Please fix and include this for the new upcoming update. As this is new requirement for submission by Google. Thanks

    Google Warnings Shown:
    You must complete the advertising ID declaration before you can release an app that targets Android 13 (API 33). We'll use this declaration to provide safeguards in Play Console to accommodate changes to advertising ID in Android 13.

    Apps targeting Android 13 or above and use advertising ID must include the com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID permission in the manifest.

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 21 09:23:46 2022

    Hi, I have recently renewed license of website 2 apk, however incase, if I, uninstall website 2 apk sotware and format my windows, will I, be able to reactivate and use the previously valid license on new windows on the same pc, and what will be the procedure for reactivation of website 2 apk if already had a valid license, how to reactivate using previously valid license?

    Thanks & Regards

  3. 2 months ago
    Thu May 19 16:30:20 2022

    Em sure that, the other users must be experiencing the same issue.
    The custom keystore is loaded properly, no errors from my side, I guess the issue is from your server side.

    Please fix this issue. thanks

  4. Thu May 19 16:24:48 2022
    U user8D782729jdr started the conversation Your build status is : PENDING, Error when generating aab.

    Hi, em trying to generate aab file however em stuck on a screen that says:

    Your build status is : PENDING

    This error has been noticed in the older version as well.

    Please fix this issue in your software and site and share a solution. Thanks

  5. Thu May 19 10:21:03 2022

    Just to help other users who read this thread:

    Difference in Java JRE and Java JDK

    Java JRE
    JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is to make the machine run Java programs and Java Runtime Environment.

    Java JDK
    JDK(Java Development Kit) is to enable a machine to develop Java applications, and other java components and Java Development Environment.


    So basically you need both, one to run and execute applications that are made using Java JDK, such as Java JRE and other that is needed to develop application that are run using Java JRE such java JDK.

    Good Lucks

  6. Thu May 19 09:11:17 2022

    Just to update, yes java jdk 18 was installed, I uninstalled the java 18 jdk, it was installed same day I renewed website 2 apk builder, may have been installed later on after using your product, now em using jdk 14. The keystore is loading. However it is better to work on suggestions previously left, like mentioning more information about java jdk compatibility on the download page, it would be better to leave some instructions, and links on how to install or uninstall incompatible java jdk and java jre.

    it would be appreciated, if you answer questions that are asked in the previous comment, like future compatibility with latest java jdk and java jre and current incompatibility issues if any with app users that have latest android os devices.

    Many thanks....

  7. Thu May 19 08:07:34 2022

    Hi, thanks for the information, however please can you clearly mention which java it is about, java jre or java jdk. The java jdk 15 is out-dated, so is it stable to use such version of java jdk or can it cause some unforeseen security or compatibility related issues with app users. As on the download page they have mentioned something like:
    "WARNING: These older versions of the JRE and JDK are provided to help developers debug issues in older systems. They are not updated with the latest security patches and are not recommended for use in production." source https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/jdk15-archive-downloads.html

    Will you guys make your software Website 2 Apk Builder compatible with latest versions of java jdk that are higher than version 15, such as 17 or 18 and upcoming.

    Please share the link to java jdk that properly works with your software, as you have mentioned less than java 15, does it mean java jdk 15 will work or less than that version.

    Lastly, please give more information about java jdk compatibility on the download page, to save a bit of user time, as you have only mentioned:
    Java Runtime Environment 7+ (JRE 8 required for using Custom Keystore)

    You have not mentioned java jdk 15 or less.

    Also it would be very nice if you share the download link to the highest compatible version of java jdk that works well with your software on the download page. sharing that here on this thread will be appreciated.


  8. Tue May 17 18:29:26 2022
    U user8D782729jdr started the conversation Hi, the custom Keystore is not opening or loading, I am old user..

    Hi, your software was working fine, however today the keystore is not loading, it shows error. I want to confirm that there are no errors from my side. the same keystore has been used always, and I am a old user of your software website 2 apk. Not only one custom keystore, but custom keystore for all other apps also not loading or opening and getting the same error. Just few days back custom keystore was properly loading without errors. However this had happened few times in the past with older versions of website 2 apk builder, but this time none the custom keystores loading that usually used to load properly without errors. Everything was working fine just few days back. I think many users must be experiencing same issue. I have already raised a support ticket for the same.

    It gives error:
    keystore is tempered with or incorrect password

    Please kindly fix this issue soon with your software.

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Tue May 17 14:19:04 2022
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