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    Thu Mar 5 18:46:55 2020
    J [email protected] started the conversation Licence requirements.

    For some time I have been working on an app that will soon be distributed to 50000 users. It is a single app that will use push notifications. I would like to access the users contact list if possible. It must be downloaded from the playstore. I need to be able to distribute updates/fixes automatically to all users with no limits. What developer licence do I require? How is the user informed of updates and how do these get installed?

  2. Thu Mar 5 18:34:22 2020

    Good day. I am not sure if you have had an answer to this question. Look at "https://faq.whatsapp.com/en/android/26000030/?category=5245251". From my java script I prepare a whatsapp message for the user to send by coding window.open("https://wa.me/" + tel + "?text=" + MsgText); The user then sends the message using his whatsapp account. Works well

  3. 3 years ago
    Mon Jul 15 01:48:35 2019

    An API that gives access to the phone's contact list. PhoneGap provides this API so it must be possible.

  4. Mon Jul 8 10:38:20 2019

    I have found that when the screen on the phone is touched while the app is running the next request to play sound works, but it will not work again until the screen is touched. Do I need to open a fault?

  5. Sat Jul 6 10:09:58 2019

    Has this been fixed yet? I have downloaded the latest version and the phone still does not play sound but on the desktop using chrome it is works every time

  6. Sat Jul 6 10:06:21 2019
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