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  1. 3 years ago
    Tue Feb 2 15:35:34 2021
    R Ricardo Nunes posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    Expand the JS API to allow image saving / download. For example for canvas images.
    Currently there's a limitation where only HTML files can be saved....

    I had to give up developing two apps because I can't save images. I'm currently looking for alternatives to Web2APK because is this....

    So please add this save feature, it would improve Web2APK a lot!

  2. 4 years ago
    Mon Sep 23 15:41:29 2019
    R Ricardo Nunes started the conversation API for Image / File Saving.


    You can't save any image (or file) generated by your App ("can only download http/https uris...").

    I understand this is a WebView limitation, but perhaps you can implement it on the JavaScript API ?

    You already have Website2APK.printPage(); that generates a PDF....
    How about Website2APK.saveImage(); that creates a PNG ?


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