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  1. 4 weeks ago
  2. Fri Oct 28 18:35:49 2022

    Any update regarding the API 33 target?

  3. 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 30 18:38:38 2020

    First publishing takes 5 - 7 days at the moment. Updated are usually up in 24/48 hours.

  4. Sun Jun 21 20:39:58 2020

    @admin OK, thanks for the information. We will wait for future updates.
    For your info: I did a manual install on my TV and it seems to work OK.

  5. Sat Jun 20 20:26:46 2020
    TFH started the conversation Website2APK & Android TV Compatibility.

    Are the apps the Website2apk creates fine to run on an AndroidTV environment?

  6. Thu Jun 18 20:51:47 2020

    The website2apk app works pretty well & straight forward.

  7. Thu May 7 14:28:44 2020

    The new version seems to work fine now. That's the positive part.

    The fact that the new basic functions will cost me another USR 59,- a year makes me decide that this was a one time purchase. C'mon... A PRO version with "access to the BASICS"??? Pro <-> Basic? You see the problem here?
    Bought my yearly license last month, but that will be my only purschase from you guys. Sorry...

  8. Tue Apr 14 09:56:49 2020

    As already mentioned:

    • Support voor APK App bundle.
    • Make the exit dialogue window in the Android style.
  9. Sat Apr 11 14:00:59 2020
    TFH joined the forum.