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  1. 3 years ago
    Sun Jan 13 21:31:09 2019
    L lilloscar started the conversation How can I send notifications from a Google Sheet Script?.

    I use some WebsiteToAPK apps to create surveys to employees, I want to know if is there any way to send a personalized notification via firebase to the app, just to communicate instantly the new entry.


  2. Tue Dec 18 19:29:24 2018


    This is what I found, hope you can tell me what else can I do please.

  3. Tue Dec 18 17:03:31 2018

    I opened my html file with Firefox and chrome and it works, but with the website to apk this code only show a progress bar and when it is charged then nothing happens, my embed code example is this:

    <div data-type="AwesomeTableView" data-viewID="-LTxDjm2-mfGouktk-pi"></div>
    <script src="https://awesome-table.com/AwesomeTableInclude.js"></script>

    neither with this iframe code:

    <iframe height="600px" width="100%" style="border:none;" src="https://view-awesome-table.com/-LTxDjm2-mfGouktk-pi/view"></iframe>

    Websitetoapk don't support this? Or what can I do? please I need your help

  4. Sun Oct 28 00:54:44 2018

    Solved inserting this example into my HTML
    Firebase Web Login - Firebase Web App Tutorial

    But I wonder how can be added the oogle sign in option via Firebase

  5. Wed Oct 24 19:46:00 2018

    I need to control the people who access to my apps, so I want to ask if is there any way or any suggestion to implement this security at the start or when opening the application.


  6. Sat Sep 22 22:55:26 2018
    L lilloscar started the conversation Customized Push Notification Sound.

    It's possible to set a personalized sound when sending push notifications? or this feature can be added?
    Greetings Adm

  7. Wed Sep 12 15:44:34 2018

    Hello Admin, you are working on with this feature?, I'm still scheduling one by one my different apps and links weekly, hope this option come soon, It's the better way to save time for me.
    Thanks in advance

  8. 4 years ago
    Tue Jun 5 00:56:37 2018
    L lilloscar posted in Image Push Notifications.

    Any siggestions?

  9. Thu May 31 21:52:33 2018
    L lilloscar posted in Image Push Notifications.

    Hi, what is the recommended size or pixels for the image of this notifications?
    I see that somte thimes it didn't show completly.

  10. Sat May 26 16:41:14 2018
    L lilloscar started the conversation PushAdmin Schedule Rules - Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

    To collect data inside a company, I need to schedule forms and surveys, I just tried the schedule feature on Push Admin and works good one by one instruction, but something that is daily has no sense doing one by one.

    Is there any way to perpetrate this schedule in only one instruction?

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