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  1. last year
    Wed Jan 6 19:02:23 2021
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    We'll have to wait a long time ...-image-

    I didn't make it with the instructions either.

  2. Mon Jan 4 12:43:40 2021
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    Android 4 only has old hardware installed
    at least. 10 years old!

    Modern websites and games need at least Androd 5 and a current WebView so that no errors occur

    Therefore, a choice should be given as to whether API 14 or better should be given as a system requirement.

    In India nobody will work with such old devices anymore ... right?

  3. Mon Jan 4 05:56:57 2021
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    Please increase the min api level from 14 to 19.
    Who still uses Android 4.0?

    Or provide an option where the user has the min. Api-level can choose itself.

    Some of my games only run on devices with API level 21 or higher as a minimum.
    If the user installs the game from the app store with an old device (Android 4.0) it will of course not work properly.
    At the moment I always have to change that afterwards.

  4. Mon Jan 4 05:48:48 2021
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.


    a server is required for PHP.
    how is that supposed to work?

  5. Mon Oct 26 17:52:26 2020
    Comdag.Andreas posted in Own brand on PushAdmin Panel.

    I made this request once last year.

  6. Thu Oct 8 18:13:02 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation KEY and Export Backup .webapp.

    The path information to the icons, the key used, the error pages and graphics are not saved during any backup.

    The path and name of the key must be saved and automatically imported and displayed when a project is imported.

    If you want to work on older projects and the key is safely stored but the name is no longer known, the entire APK must be read out so that you can get the SHA key and then search for the key.

    Why is a backup or save as: not saved as ini or bat?

    You could also provide a great for paying customers so that the .webapp can be viewed

  7. 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 30 18:22:04 2020
    Comdag.Andreas started the conversation Push with OneSignal.

    It would be great if you could integrate the push option via OneSignal
    Works with Firebase

  8. Tue Jun 30 18:17:15 2020

    Für eine App kann man ja mal die App nachträglich mit einfachen Möglichkeiten signieren und in den Store für einen Test laden.

    Ich gebe aber keine Tipps !

    Ein Kauf der Vollversion ist aber immer von Vorteil !!!

  9. Tue Jun 30 18:08:29 2020

    Veröffentlichen sie bitte immer die Versionsnummer !

    Download v4.0 (neueste Version) ?? steht auf der Seite

    Download v4.1 (neueste Version) sollte dort stehen

  10. Mon Jun 1 19:46:04 2020

    Die obere Leiste ( wo man die URL sehen könnte ) wird bei Fullscreen immer noch angezeigt !
    Wann wird das wieder rückgängig gemacht

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