PushAdmin got the new Free Plan

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    21 Aug 2017 Administrator
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    Dear Users,
    We're glad here to inform you that PushAdmin is now heaving a Free Plan which lets you use the service for free just by signing up on it.

    Sign Up Now:

    Thank You

  2. Nice one @website2apk team, however you need to do better.

    - I notice since few days ago, push notification no longer deliver through firebase console and here comes free PushAdmin plan.
    I hope the sudden stop in delivery of notification through firebase console is not to convince us to start using PushAdmin.

    - The last time I checked, max apps allows through PushAdmin is 10 with highest price what of if I have more than an app? Is there any reason for this order than more profit.

    - To access push notification on website2apk software, you must go for highest plan, why can't I have access to PushAdmin automatically at least for an app with full service for free?

    Please address these issues, majority of people coming for this software including me really commend your efforts and believe that you can do better.

  3. admin

    25 Aug 2017 Administrator
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    @amosb , Hope, you might have read my answer here:

    It is not to convince, as Firebase Panel works for all the new apps still. Due to some issues, Firebase panel stopped sending push to the apps using previous google-service.json files.

    As always, we want to let you know that PushAdmin is an optional service, which users may or may not subscribe for, as per their convenience.

    We are still trying to put our best for the services, despite the majority of users not supporting us by purchasing Genuine Editions, they rely on Pirated Copies, and just keep asking for Free Support.

  4. Yes, thanks for your reply... Am shocked to read that majority users are not purchasing Genuine Editions.
    Anyway I believe you will outgrow that with time if you keep up with your services most expecially necessary updates.

    As a suggestion you can also go the way of affliate, few of us with good experience from your software and services might be interested to promote it in return for few bucks.



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