Push Notification Service Feature Requst

  1. 4 years ago

    Hello @ Website2Apk

    As a fan of your software few days ago, I asked for API that can be used to send message to PushAdmin remotely, but was said to be added with upcoming release which from experience may take years.
    Need to renew license and introduce the software to some group of people, however there are to many limitations which is advisable to look into.

    On firebase, messages can be sent through; User ID(Token), Topic, Segment, on PushAdmin, package name and firebase Server key are used to make this possible even with advance features.

    With my little coding knowledge, I believe apk generated through your software has the ability to subscribe people to topic, or create common group or get User ID token

    • How can interested customer have access to the generated topic, group or token using api, or what general format does it takes
    • If is not yet possible can you kindly add to upcoming software release option(s) to add topic for auto subscription just has self signing of app is possible.


  2. admin

    14 Jun 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , We always work towards making it more feature rich while keeping it as simpler as possible, and to maintain it, we always discuss and analyze the important features and release it in most simplest way possible so that our users who are not familiar with coding practices remains comfortable.


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