Unlimted PushAdmin Plan beyond Gold 10 App Plan

  1. 4 years ago

    Kudos @ Website2Apk Team

    Am personally proud and happy with the latest updates on v3.02 of the software, you guys are too much.

    In addition, would like to ask for possibilities and cost of adding more application (beyond 10) to Push Admin Gold plan

  2. admin

    3 Jul 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , Thank you very much for the appreciation. We need your continuous support in developing it more better.

    We will surely discuss on this. However, whenever you need customized plans for PushAdmin, feel free to chat with our support assists, they can help you on this.

  3. admin

    3 Jul 2018 Administrator

    @amosb , For your information, we have a Platinum Plan which we hide from website while we released Free Plan. Platinum costs $149 for 50 Apps.


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