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  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by amosb

    Greetings @ website2Apk Admin, more appreciation for your effort in making the awesome software available at affordable price.

    Firebase Image in Push Notification from console does not display in App created by the software, WHY?

    I understand before now that Image in Notification is available through PushAdmin but there was no Image field in Firebase Console then, though it would have been possible if 'key-value' pair for image and other data is made available to us by website2Apk team, anyway I understand it might have affect PushAdmin subscription, However, this is 2019, developers and clients expect more, if the feature is directly available in Firebase console, it will be good is supported by default.

    On the other hand, 'key-value' pair for additional data can be made available for people that can use it. I believe doing this won't reduce PushAdmin users but rather increase the software user base and reduce the number of people using crack versions.

    Note: Have been a premium user for over 2-3years and have active PushAdmin Account, this is beyond personal interest and gain but for better website2Apk.


  2. admin

    24 Oct 2019 Administrator

    @amosb , We thank you for your continuous support.

    We would like to assure that we will make default firebase features available with upcoming releases. PushAdmin is to make it easier, not just for the purpose for charging users, as you can see our pricing for PushAdmin is very affordable just to cover up our service costs. :)


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