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  1. 2 years ago

    Hi, I'm about to buy the pro version, but I have a doubt.
    Is your application able to change a particular agent user?
    For example, set the agent user to be: APKMOBIL or another custom?
    This would be great to be able to show the web to the users of the apk.
    If you do not have this it would be a good idea since we customers could send another type of website detecting that user agent and thus show a different content in the apk application.

    Thank you, I await your response.

  2. In summary and for you to understand me better, that your application has the option of putting a custom user agent.

  3. admin

    30 Nov 2019 Administrator

    @lgokul We will possibly add this feature in upcoming release by check cross compatibility with Google Play policies.

  4. This would be great, since we can show one type of page in common browsers and another apk due to the user agent.
    It's a great idea don't you think?

  5. Edited 2 years ago by fadattf

    @admin Any news on that topic.
    Or is there any other way to find out if the website is requested by the app?

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