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    3 Jan 2021 Administrator
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    We are working on update v4.2, all of your suggestions are welcome. :)

    Current latest version is v4.1 with API Level 29.

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    Thanks for this step , you ar going to be the best ever .
    am one of those who depend totally on your software to produce apk files , so i think my suggestions i very important :) .

    1- javascript-apis must be more rich than now to allow me do more like native :

    • using camera as qr scanner , video recorder , img capture and store the video file details inside js function.
    • using mic as press to record and store the audio file details inside js function .

    2- allow pushadmin api to support ipa who include firebase inside swift code and pods are well .
    3- allow local files to support php files , it will be a big bomb in this field .

  3. This suggestion is very important to me as I am converting html5 to apk. And I am very dependent on your software to produce my app. There are 3 things.

    1. Please add a function to highlight text for html5 cause I don't know how to do it.

    2. Please add option for nav bar to have "search function". I believe this would be very complicated.

    3. Add more option color of your nav bar.

    Thank you so much.


  4. interstitial ads
    it should be show interstitial ads when click button or change activity

    for now delay time (60000) is not working in few day admob will be terminate account.

  5. @ursitecheg

    a server is required for PHP.
    how is that supposed to work?

  6. Please increase the min api level from 14 to 19.
    Who still uses Android 4.0?

    Or provide an option where the user has the min. Api-level can choose itself.

    Some of my games only run on devices with API level 21 or higher as a minimum.
    If the user installs the game from the app store with an old device (Android 4.0) it will of course not work properly.
    At the moment I always have to change that afterwards.

  7. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @xyz You should not use time based interstitial as best practice, use JavaScript API function to display interstitial ad on certain button clicks or events only.

  8. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas Targeting the most availability, we have kept it minimum possible, it is not the maximum. I understand there might be some specific features that varies with API Levels, but removing support to these API levels will result in many devices not supporting the apps. We will discuss on the possibility of providing an option of setting min-api-level.

  9. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator


    1. You should highlight in your web app itself using some CSS or JS.
    2. Search also needs to be on your web itself to function properly.
    3. Yes, colors can be provided.
  10. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @ursitecheg Thank you for your suggestions. :)

  11. Incorporate in home screen, video background, and diferents templates to design for app. Choose typography, colors, menus, images, effects etc...

  12. Please adjust the navigation drawer to display Czech characters (diacritics).
    Thank you.

  13. Edited last year by xplooosive

    Hello. You have a great product. Every year i buy a license for your product, but you dont have 3 BIG features.

    1. Deeplink - I want for exemple to open app directly from my e-mail.

    2. Let me to send notifications directly via onesignal/firebase, i dont want to use your dashboard notifications.

    3. Let me edit source code after generate my app.

    I can pay for this extra 100 euro annual.

  14. Edited last year by amosb

    Is really good update is coming earlier than expected this time.. Kudos.

    1) As usual, target the highest available API

    2) Js API is very important and I believe should always be the priority in every release... Even if requested/suggested Js api function can't be included, always try to add other possible ones to breach the gap.
    The closer Website2Apk software can make our hybrid app look like Native app, the happier we are....take hints from what the likes of phonegap can do.

    3) Please, per release, always update the relevant and corresponding documents/pages on your website, most especially the js api doc.
    Am a Web developer with knowledge in PHP, Js, Jquery, CSS.., I don't mind joining the team in this capacity for better website2apk.

    4) Kindly help look into apis for performing basics functions on phones; reading contacts, messages..

  15. @Admin
    Android 4 only has old hardware installed
    at least. 10 years old!

    Modern websites and games need at least Androd 5 and a current WebView so that no errors occur

    Therefore, a choice should be given as to whether API 14 or better should be given as a system requirement.

    In India nobody will work with such old devices anymore ... right?

  16. @admin @xyz You should not use time based interstitial as best practice, use JavaScript API function to display interstitial ad on certain button clicks or events only.

    "use JavaScript API function to display interstitial ad on certain button clicks or events only."

    how to do it? thank you

  17. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @Pehobr Support for all type of Unicode characters will be added in this release.

  18. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @xyz Here you go:

    Further, raise a support ticket or a separate thread (if required, not in this case). This thread is intended for feature requests only.

  19. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @Comdag.Andreas As a simple sophisticated solution, what we can provide is a JS API to detect android version, so you can detect and prevent running app on certain android versions, this way we can keep it simple and things will be working. What do you think. :)

  20. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @xplooosive Thank you for the suggestions, we are planning to add deeplinks if possible without any major issue. We will look into other suggestions as well. :)

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