keystore not saved along with the project

  1. last year
    Edited last year by Comdag.Andreas


    Whether the correct key was loaded when you reopen a project is still not displayed.
    When will that be changed?
    I've had many projects where the wrong key was loaded.

  2. admin

    24 Mar 2021 Administrator

    Actually keystore is not saved project wise in the project file. You need to manually configure it. You can use same key for all of your apps as long as you own all of the apps.

  3. That was exactly what I wanted as a beta tester of V4.2!

    Always the same key is not clean.

  4. admin

    25 Mar 2021 Administrator

    Yes, but saving the keystore and password in the project is not the safer way. Even the android studio does not save it. We need to consider security reasons along with the ease of access.


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