Change the text of the dialog!

  1. last year

    Hello there!

    I created a WebView application, but how can I change the dialogs in the application? for example; Share, how can I add the url of the shop page here? Can you please help?

  2. admin

    13 Jul 2021 Administrator

    You can put anything in the share text, that can be your URL of shop page also.

  3. Edited last year by arekuzu

    how i can edit a custom URL to share?, like :

    var Id = Website2APK.getUniqueDeviceID();
    var urlshare = "profile.php?id="+Id;

    i mean put this url "profile.php?id="+Id; in the share url

  4. admin

    13 Jul 2021 Administrator

    @arekuzu This kind of dynamic share links are not possible.


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