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  1. last year

    Since about 80% of the tutorial hasn't been written yet and I feel little for digging through all individual, vaguely-titled (like mine) posts; I've got a question:

    After having filled out all possible options in the way that *I think* could possibly be correct, and created an apk file from that -- my phone perfectly installs my the apk. The problem with it, is that it only shows me my index.html, without any of my res/Scripts.js functioning. At all. Which renders it useless.

    Soooo... Why doesn't my javascript work?

    (PS: no tutorial+zero explanation=pay for a product where you have to guess all functionality yourself)

  2. admin

    24 Sep 2022 Administrator

    All of the HTML/CSS/JS should work as it is where it uses relative paths (very obvious). It is just simple thing which does not require any tutorial, it should simply work without doing anything special.

    Further, if they don't work, as a web developer, we expect you to understand debugging in the browser, and the same can be performed with the App as well when you build the APK with our tool.

    Using above link, you can debug and find out the exact issue on the console.

    Further, our support can assist you all the way through any problems that you face.

  3. My sincere apologies for being too dumb to automatically understand any and all inner workings of your software. It's probably the fault of all those cursed, customer-oriented software-developers, building their programs in clear English, offering their sickening explanations as to What The F* I'm Looking At. I should have personally reverse-engineered software that I pay for to work, before I dared ask a question. Forgive me, oh, Great One.

    But for reals though: I'm aware it should work, seeing as it does work in the shape of a website. It however does not work, in spite of following the few provided breadcrumbs of information.
    That is an immediate roadblock, about 5 seconds after getting the software.
    To be honest; when I pay for a gizmo that claims to convert my website to a functioning apk, yet immediately fails to do exactly that - I don't feel quite motivated to debug & figure out (without anything close to a troubleshooting-guide) why the software I pay for to work, doesn't work.

    If that was what got my rock's off, then don't you think it's likely I never would've even found your software..? "As a developer", my advice would be to tone it down on the arrogance, by about 1275%, consider making at least an attempt at a comprehensible guide, and don't expect your customers to fix and/or find problems with the software that you are getting paid for.

  4. admin

    24 Sep 2022 Administrator

    @nouen My sincere apologies to you as well in case you are having some troubles, however, we always endeavor to make it easier and everything to work properly as expected by customers.

    Further, what I can offer you is that if you can send us your APK files, we can do a check for you and can surely provide you with the required fix and tell where it all goes. It is not just about 'what you pay' , but what out tool works for and what it can actually deliver. So even if you have the free edition, we will still get it working for you. And to be honest, It has nothing to do with software, but we can figure out the issue for you!
    Kindly send APK by attaching to support on link below:

  5. Nah. But thanks so much for your boundless customer service.

    I've decided to pay one of your competitors. One that doesn't respond to questions from their high horse with a useless "we expect you to understand", even though they're using an unlabelled recycle-icon, to link to an update-page, assuming that should definitely be clear to anyone. Regarding this, I believe rather strongly I'll be fine with any and all of your competitors.

    Newsflash, mr. CEO: The general public doesn't live inside your head. Things that are "obvious" to you, can easily be considered "vague as a m*thrf*r" by 95% of anyone who isn't you. When you offer software to turn websites into apps, it might be possible your clients have websites they want to turn into apps. It could even be true, that they are not familiar with the mountain of terminology. Possibly, perchance, mayhaps; if they understood all and could effortlessly do it themselves, they wouldn't be using your software.

    If basic consideration/the ability to put yourself (even a little) in some else's shoes is impossible for you -- which might just be the case, given that you haven't seen any reason to write a simple guide since launch (2015), in the expectation everyone understands everything -- then maybe hire someone to be human on your behalf.

    Good luck, CEO.
    Hire some HR. I think your $125 a year asking-price for a single-purpose one-screen-program, should provide sufficient wiggle-room.

    (PS: It indeed likely isn't because of the software, but because I'm clicking the wrong option somewhere. Or didn't refer to my index.html, or misinterpreted what in the actual hell "highly cached" specifically even means. Or chose the wrong browser config. Unfortunately, we'll never know, because none of that information is provided, and your first instinct is to piss on your customers before even thinking about answering the question..)

  6. For the time you wasted fighting unnecessarily, if you had sent a ticket to the support team, your problem would have been resolved by now. The team is super fast and helps you. So far in the hours I needed they helped me. Patience, everything will work itself out.

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