failed to load file or assembly newtonsoft.json version=

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi there! I have a this problem with Microsoft.VisualBasic - failed to load file or assembly newtonsoft.json version=, when a want to build project in .aap

  2. admin

    25 Jul 2023 Administrator

    You need to make a purchase for our genuine premium version copy from our website only in order to get it working.

  3. Yeah, i got it. Of course I will buy it, but first of all I want to try it. Can u say please, which components I should use, to test it?
    I sware, I will buy premium version.

  4. admin

    26 Jul 2023 Administrator

    You ca simply download the free edition from our website to test it.

  5. 6 months ago

    Hi, good day, I have a problem when I locate the folder where my HTML and data located, the message will pop up "the selected folder does not contain startup index.html file,
    what should I do?

  6. admin

    18 Dec 2023 Administrator

    Are you sure if your selected folder contains index.html ?


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