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    Sat Aug 14 18:58:51 2021

    However, if my APP has multiple menu pages at the bottom, THEN I have to go back to the home page to exit my APP, which is not ideal. Is there a fixed version listening to him is the menu?

  2. Thu Aug 12 05:33:27 2021

    How to handle the APP with the bottom navigation double-click the return key to exit the APP

  3. Wed Aug 11 16:57:50 2021

    您好,location.replace 等跳转方式都没有办法去除历史,导致了手机点击物理返回键时候出现了一定要返回到首页才会退出APP。请问有没有提供监听“手机物理返回事件”或者“解决方案”

  4. Wed Aug 11 16:49:50 2021
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