Can I publish on Google Play with Free Edition?

  1. last year

    I want to start with the websitetoapk free edition.
    my question is : if i publish the app compile with the websitetoapk free version on google play, I will have no license problem ??
    cordially and Thank you for your time.

  2. admin

    17 Jun 2020 Administrator

    You cannot publish an app on google play using free edition. You will need to purchase premium to be able to create google play compatible apps.

  3. Für eine App kann man ja mal die App nachträglich mit einfachen Möglichkeiten signieren und in den Store für einen Test laden.

    Ich gebe aber keine Tipps !

    Ein Kauf der Vollversion ist aber immer von Vorteil !!!

  4. Hello, good night, and only with the premium version, you can not with the pro? It is that I want to buy the pro, and I already have doubts about comparing the pro and that the play store tells me not to be approved or not to upload.

  5. admin

    2 Dec 2020 Administrator

    All the apps created with Pro Edition are also compatible with Google Play.

  6. you can publish app for free but you should purchase the google play developer account at 25$ for lifetime and publish unlimited apps if you want any help you can check my app roja directa pirlo tv its upload on play store

    friend I also published it on google play

  8. 8 months ago
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    You may publish an app for free, but you should pay $25 for a lifetime Google Play Developer account, which allows you to publish limitless applications. If you need help, check out my app, , which is available on the Google Play Store.

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    You have to pay a developer fee to be able to publish your app for free.


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