Push notifications setup

  1. 2 years ago

    just quick question.

    i just signup for push notification do i need to signup for something else to make it work?

    sorry if i dont understand.

  2. admin

    27 Jun 2020 Administrator

    If you have already made the integration of google-services.json file through app builder then you can continue to use PushAdmin to send notifications without any issues.

  3. Hello Admin,

    as i am new to this and have no idea what to do, what is integration of google-services.json file?

    and i just signup to push notifications on your site here https://websitetoapk.com/pushadmin/

    so should i follow this instructions https://websitetoapk.com/docs/setting-up-firebase-fcm.html?ref=pushadmin

    Sorry for not understanding


  4. admin

    30 Jun 2020 Administrator

    Yes, you should still follow the link and generate google-services.json file for integration.

    You need to integrate google-services.json file for integrating firebase services to the app. PushAdmin is a service to allow you to send notifications to the app.

  5. thx admin.

    i manage to download google-services.json file to my pc but i have no android studio.

    do i need that to proceed?

  6. admin

    30 Jun 2020 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by admin

    No need of Android Studio. Simply use google-services.json file in App builder, that's all. Follow the steps and nothing more.

  7. last year
    Edited last year by newnem

    Hi , i have integrated google-services.json into the app , but i can not receive the notification when order comes. if im using chrome, the notification works normally. Could you please help me solve it. Thanks

  8. admin

    27 Mar 2021 Administrator

    Web notifications and Native Android notifications are both different things, native notification for android needs to be integrated separately in order to get them to work.

    Connect support for further clarifications.


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