Server Side Update (29-03-2023)

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    29 Mar 2023 Administrator

    Server Side Update (29-03-2023)

    API Level 33
    Full Screen Immersive Mode
    **Bug Fixes

  2. I've just tried updating my app. But for some reason the splash screen doesn't fit on the screen anymore.

    This is the splash file I use:
    This is the result in the app:
    I've been using this splash screen for 2 - 3 years now.

    I haven't updated the file in the playstore yet. So here you can see the oldt version with the correct splash:
    Here you can download the new APK with the faulty splash screen:

    I also noted that the file-size of my app has almost doubled from 1.2MByte to 2.2MByte while I didn't change anything.

  3. admin

    1 Apr 2023 Administrator

    Kindly raise a support ticket with your old & new splash image screenshots on the link below:

  4. Submitted

  5. Indeed... it seems the website2apk team has changed something on their side.
    I've updated my Splash-screen so it fits again. It would be nice though if these kind of changed get communicated to the customers.


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