Update v5.2 is now available

  1. 10 months ago


    28 Jul 2023 Administrator

    Our latest update v5.2 is now available with following major features:

    API Level 33
    Android TV Support
    Support for 100 MB+ APKs
    **Bug Fixes

  2. It's nice to see that Android TV is now supported. I am tinking about upgrading my Pro version to Material Plus, but wondering 2 things:

    1. If I upgrade my existing license; How does this go price-wise? Do I have to pay the full price?
    2. Do you expect that my app will work on AndroidTV.

    My app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msx.filehunter
    The website it's actually displaying: https://app.file-hunter.com

  3. admin

    30 Jul 2023 Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback!

    1. You need not to pay the full price, but just the upgrade fee on link below:
    2. Any APK works on Android TV, but there was some configuration required in the code so that your app will be available when someone searches on Google Play with a Android TV device, your app will be visible and can be installed.

  4. admin

    30 Jul 2023 Administrator

    Along with above features, there are some more:
    In-App Messaging
    Blob Download Issue Fixed!

  5. Thanks. I purchased my Material Plus last October. The upgrade fee is USD 59,-.
    When will the license expire? October (as per my old subscription) or 31-07-2024 (per my new upgrade date)?

  6. admin

    1 Aug 2023 Administrator

    It will only expire as your old/existing expiration date when you just upgrade the plan.

  7. So that would be US$ 59 for less then 3 months of use.
    That's not an upgrade, that's a scam. Sorry...

  8. admin

    1 Aug 2023 Administrator

    It does not work that way. Even if you had 364 days remaining, still you would only pay $59.

    If you want to get one year extension with upgrade, unfortunately, you would like to bypass renewal and get a cheaper alternative for renewal with a higher plan that too for just $59, which cannot even cover up half of our costs.

  9. No... But I would have expected for less then 3 months upgrade the price would be like USD 20,-. Not full price.

  10. admin

    3 Aug 2023 Administrator

    We DO NOT have any capping on number of builds per day or number of apps and as our subscriptions plans are annually priced, even building a few apps in whole of the year will cover up all the pricing. You won't ever see any other product that will be as affordable as ours with genuine pricing. Development and server associated costs we pay hence we require this fairly put pricing to be there. Honestly, we should not be justifying this, but as you are a valued customer, we appreciate your support and request your understanding.

  11. I'm sorry, but I just don't agree. Just like a couple of years ago where you killed my app due to an error on your side and didn't bother to do anything back (Ticket ID: 3E2-F38-FB8AB).
    So sorry, no understanding from my side.


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