Suggestions for Update v4.0

  1. 2 years ago


    25 Feb 2020 Administrator

    We would like to invite suggestions for an upcoming version. Everyone is requested to contribute with their valuable suggestions.

  2. Could you add apk bundle feature? google play shows warning message.

  3. Edited 2 years ago by LuisGarcia

    It would be very interesting to add another mobile app advertising platform. My favorite network is StartApp.

    You can download the Android SDK for free from here:

    Google prohibits using Admob in an app if our website already has Adsense


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    Another welcome development as always.

    However, would like to bring to the attention of the team that since the last update and even before that, there have been suggestions and requests.

    Can the Team kindly list/give hints on what are to be expected base on some of our previous feedback?

    However, kindly consider the following :

    Javascripts API

    • Read Phone Contacts/Select Contact from phone
    • Read Phone Message or latest message
    • Get network status
    • Read users' location
    • Create, Update and Read folder/dir


    • I notice BLACK background always show up before Splash Screen at the launch of app created with the software, is it possible to remove it or make it white? Please work on it.
    • Status bar colour change
    • Ad order than Admob
    • Full Firebase Push Notifications feature support e.g Image in notification.
    • Deep Linking features for App to open with link click and target page in app
    • Latest API level; 29 for android 10
    • Ability to select minimum supported android version.
  5. i have two suggestion for you..

    1. pull to refresh option ..
    2. status bar color change option...

    Cyren ---- AndroidOS / Trojan.UDGQ-4 !!!!!!!

    With every APP we have to write to the virus manufacturers if we can find a contact address at all.

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    app exit message is very simple it should be stylish
    what is release date of V3.5 ?

  8. increase minimum sdk 14 to minimum sdk 19

    Android 4.0 is 9 years old !!!

  9. Suggestions -
    1.Fix Audio Bug (Test Link- Works on Browser not on app!
    2.Dialogue Box Style very Old..need a Revamp.
    3.User agent changing feature..
    4.Push Notifications from 3rd party websites..
    5.App orientation bug..there are 3 buttons Auto,Landscape,portrait..
    in my case i have given webview to website which on supports portrait view..but in website there is video playing things..that video doesnt go in landscape..bcoz ive chosen 2 options are left autorotate..boom ..even though ive set to rotate OFF from phone the APP STILL ROTATES...

    not work with chrome !

  11. @madphoenix1311 Suggestions -
    4.Push Notifications from 3rd party websites..

    I vote for options like this, for the use inside in the company, we need to send automatically some results and data.
    I've been looking so badly for a third party software to send automatically notifications to the app, I almost reach it with Integromat, using Google Sheets and Firebase connections, but I didn't succeed...

    Please a new kind to send push notifications.

  12. admin

    20 Mar 2020 Administrator

    @lilloscar +
    I vote for options like this, for the use inside in the company, we need to send automatically some results and data.

    Check it out:

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    Suggestions for Update v3.5

    • have menu botton can choose or set html link on menu (for website url)
    • html or website can click link out browser on mobile
  14. Hello, how are you? I really need the option to download files from the website.
    Today when I download the app there is an error.

  15. Hi keep the screen on and listen music on backgoud

  16. As already mentioned:

    • Support voor APK App bundle.
    • Make the exit dialogue window in the Android style.
  17. Features for New Version

    Creating of IOS Apps.
    Pull down to refresh Page


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