Splash Screen issue

  1. last year

    I created a splash screen of ratio 720x1280px (i.e. 9:16)
    But, in app the screen is being compressed from both sides.
    See the difference from the screenshot.

    • Original Splash- https://prnt.sc/20xsnls
    • Splash on App- https://prnt.sc/20xsoa7

  2. admin

    28 Nov 2021 Administrator

    @impurnendu It varies from device to device. We recommend 720x1280 & 1080*1920 sizes because these fits best on most of the devices.

  3. Oh I see.
    I have two suggestions for you.

    1. Please allow html page as Splash Screen, then it would automatic adjust as per device.

    2. Please increase the timing of Splash Screen, now the screen showing time is too fast.


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