Suggestions for Update v4.2

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    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @amosb Thank you for the suggestions, keep suggesting us more, we will work till our best to add more possible features. :)

  3. admin

    4 Jan 2021 Administrator

    @sharkx1234 Thank you for your suggestions. :)

  4. Well... based on my needs...

    If you could implement that, once you touch an input, the keyboard comes out on top of the web rather than resizing the webview... that would be nice! I had to create my own keyboard for my app because, everytime I touched the input or textarea on my HTML, the whole page shrink (as it is responsive) due to keyboard coming out.

    A stupid, yet useful, feature could be a QR generator using the JS API. A simple command line with the windows title, the type of content and string parameter and it magically shows a modal dialog with the title, the QR code and a button to close that window.

    An option to run as a background app and send notifications to the OS. In a way I can check for a date or time and show a notification, even if they have closed the app.

    Splash screens. They need to be more than a simple picture resize to fit the screen. They need to be responsive, animated and load as fast as possible to void the blank screen on slower devices.

    Just like JS has its own prompt command, with an ugly banner saying "the page file:// says", can you create a single line input modal window to replace native JS prompt feature?

    Including basic samples of codes will help non programmers to power their apps.

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    This feature is taking years, please consider finish this WordPress PlugIn (I know it doesn't have to do with the program, but yes with better push notifications).

    Or at least please kindly give to us some kind better tutorial on how to use the PushAdmin API Access and the PHP code, I have been trying to achieve this in our cPanel but really need a hand with this.

  6. We'll have to wait a long time ...-image-

    I didn't make it with the instructions either.

  7. Website2APK.printPage();

    if allowed to print the contents of a DIV not to print all the page .

  8. When media is playing on the app, let it play in the background like spotify or google chrome. I use a HTML5 audio player and i need this feature. Today, the audio stops playing after a few minutes, after the screen is turned off. It is necessary for the app to identify the media stream and inform Android as a notification. I strongly urge this implementation.

  9. Expand the JS API to allow image saving / download. For example for canvas images.
    Currently there's a limitation where only HTML files can be saved....

    I had to give up developing two apps because I can't save images. I'm currently looking for alternatives to Web2APK because is this....

    So please add this save feature, it would improve Web2APK a lot!

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    What if the JS API could provide us features like:

    Torch(on, off, toggle)
    To control the LED lamp in our devices.

    Gyro(x, y, z)
    Provides the position of the phone in space using the 3 axes.

    SendSMS(phone#, message)
    To be able to send a SMS (this could be achived from a web link already, but it just prepares the message and users must click the send button).

    Where you could dial for a call (again, HTML provides a way to prepare for this call, but needs users to press the call button).

    Camera(filename, savepath, width, height)
    Take a picture and save it locally (kind of temporary folder) and the chance to move it to a location inside our app's folders if path is given, else it will remove files on next run. A sweet feature would be to able to resize the file to a width and/or height, meaning that if I pass just one parameter, the picture is resized keeping the aspect ratio to the value given.


    Camera takes a picture with a resolution of 2000 x 1000 pixels. If I set the width to 1000, then the image is resized to 1000 x 500. But, if I set both, width and height, then the image is stretched, losing the aspect ratio. Or maybe give an extra command just for cropping and resizing images.

    Save a file out of the app. Eq. Send a picture to the phone's Gallery or a PDF to the documents folder.

    Save(string, path)
    Similar to Export. This could provide a way to save a file from a string. This could end up being a TXT, XML, HTML, SVG, etc.

    A way to import plain text files as a string.

    You will definitely make the app provide more useful features to everyone, giving us the native look we all want/need before moving to Flutter or alike.

    Prompt(title, buttons)
    Ask for information to users just as native Javascript does.

    Confirm(title, buttons)
    Again, a simple alert (like JS) that prompts users to confirm an action.

    Database(read/save, string/number/array)
    Boost your offline power with a SQLite database or a simple XML file.

  11. dear sir please allow
    native share
    web share api level 1 or level 2
    must need feature


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