Update v5.1 with App Bundle (.aab) Support is now available

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    20 Oct 2022 Administrator

    Announcing a new release v5.1 Pro.

    Latest API Level 31 Support
    Android App Bundle (.aab) Support
    Java Dependency Removed
    **Bug Fixes


  2. Hi, em a bit confused. API Level 31 was already availabe in the previous version 5.0. The latest API Level is 33(Android 13 “Tiramisu”). So please re-confirm if 5.1 Pro supports API Level 33 or 31. And also update on download page, if it is misspelled.

    You guys confirmed already about 5.0 supporting API 31:
    link text


  3. Any update regarding the API 33 target?

  4. admin

    27 Jan 2023 Administrator

    All the apps will still work with Android 13 as well. Apps that you current build are on Target API Level 32.


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